Antonio Miguel Sans





His words:

Go ahead that it is a pleasure, apart from a great responsibility and special enthusiasm, to be able to share with you my musical selection in this magnificent event.

Musicalizing a milonga is something special, although recognizing the value of all the tangos that we often hear, each musicalizer has a personal taste when combining different orchestras, eras or styles. I have always leaned towards the 40s, the golden age of tango, tangos that give life and quality to a milonga.

The success of a musicalizer is to put everyone on their feet until the Cumparsita sounds, it is what I intend, that the room stays small from beginning to end.

As a musicalizer I have had the luck to musicalize in different cities, I belong to a very numerous and demanding tango association, EL GARAGE TANGO of Zaragoza, where every week milongas are musicalized with more than a hundred people, Tango gatherings of high level, festivals and other activities that maintain the spirit of tango are held in Zaragoza.

I hope that together we have a good time, and that the music becomes a good hug, that the track invite to dance, it will be an honor for me and at the same time a challenge to leave the milongueros with the desire to return to UN TANGO EN SALOU. 

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